Who I am and what I love…

Hi there. I am a recent NYC transplant who, obviously, loves food: cooking it, eating it, being inspired by it, learning from it. This love affair began at a very young age as mother will tell you with great delight that my first word was ‘cheese,’ I loved spicy food from the age of two, and, for the better part of my childhood, I ran around telling people I was going to be a baker.

I’ve known for some time now that I wanted to combine two of my loves, food and writing, even if it’s just writing this little blog for my own enjoyment.

I also love travel, photography, good books and red wine, all things that pair well with food, incidentally.

Why Giuggiulena…

My love of food comes first and foremost from my family, specifically my Italian-American mother and her parents. To my grandparents, I was known as Buttercup and Chicadee, red sauce was gravy and sesame seeds, something my grandfather loved, were “giuggiulena.” I’ve always loved that word (which is Sicilian, like my Dada), for the way it sounds (joo-joo-lane-uh), for the way his eyes smiled when he said it. It reminds me of how food connects people in ways other mediums cannot– a culture, a comfort, a community in itself.

And so I set out writing this blog with the hope of recording some of my family recipes (which traditionally have no measurements), collecting foodie memories from my childhood and documenting the inspiration I find in recipe books and magazines, local farmer’s markets and restaurants. This is the part where you come in–because food is best when shared with friends.


2 responses to “About

  1. Michael Sladek

    I like Philly soft pretzels!

  2. Bridget

    I think Giuggiulena is a good name for a little girl too! hahaha Hmmm….

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