It’s about those little moments of joy

I know, it’s Monday morning, again. Mondays usually provoke mutual rants and laments about the transient nature of the weekend, the drudgery that is the work week and the panic and pain that ensues from being awakened by the shrill call of an electronic device. While I’m usually an active participant in the case-of-the-Mondays bandwagon, I’ve decided to reflect, today, on seemingly small things that made me happy this weekend. I hope that it sparks a recognition and appreciation for all the little moments of joy this week that can carry me through until Friday. And if all else fails, I have this song and this song, two buried favorites I never get sick of that my iTunes shuffle so graciously unearthed for me this morning while I ate a breakfast of cornflakes and cantaloupe. So cheer up, there will always be the little things to make you smile, like…

…eating brunch with the boyfriend at Penelope next to an open window graced with a cool breeze and lined with milk bottle flower vases where we drank hot black coffee and fresh-sqeezed grapefruit juice alongside our sandwiches–BLT on sourdough for me and ham & swiss with a drippy fried egg on somun for boyfriend,

…the colorful farmer’s market bouquet I bought myself nestled in the arts section of the New York Times,

…warm, sugary churros sold out of a push-cart just outside my building during the Mexican Day Parade that I had no time to photograph because they were gobbled in the blink of an eye,

…the Missoni-clad San Pellegrino bottle I sipped from Sunday night that now decorates my window sill as a pretty vase (I knew I would be able to afford Missoni, one day).

I hope you enjoy all your little moments this week.


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One response to “It’s about those little moments of joy

  1. Liz

    I’m jealous of your fun weekend! Such pretty pictures, too!

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