September: the beach & a birthday

I know I ask this along with thousands of other temperate region dwellers each and every year, but where, oh where, has the summer gone? Somewhere amidst the haze of heat waves, ocean breezes and balmy summer nights, jammed between tomato sandwiches, farm-fresh corn on the cob, juicy peaches and berries, it ended. And before anyone begins quoting the particulars of the autumnal equinox (which occurs on September 22 for anyone not in-the-know), let me tell you that I’ve spent the last five days on the southern Jersey shores, a hub of all things summery, and I’ve felt the chill in the air, I’ve smelled the looming aroma of fall, I’ve seen the golden sunlight settle on the sand. It’s over, folks; the change is palpable.

I couldn’t be happier, really. I would normally be lamenting the loss of summer or singing the praises of fall, anxiously awaiting some seasonal favorites like hot apple cider and crunchy leaves beneath my boots, sweater weather and warm, spicy aromas, but if we’re being totally honest, my favorite time of of year might just be these delicious few weeks between labor day and the first day of fall. To me, September has the best weather and is arguably the best time of year to visit the seashore. The crowds have all but dissipated and the weather is mild. The sun has that just-before-sunset glow all day long and there is the exhilarating feeling of change and potential on the horizon.

As evidence, yesterday, my last day of my Last Summer Hurrah at the Shore trip was a little piece of heaven. I had a book that makes me laugh out loud, waves lapping at my legs and an ocean breeze on an empty beach. I saw nothing but churning blue waves and a constant blue sky, save for a few gulls perusing the muddy sand for a lunch of fresh clams. The rhythm of pulsing winds and crashing waves was hypnotizing and lured me into a state of calm that I haven’t felt in ages. Yes, September summer is my favorite.

I always know when it’s coming: that perfect pseudo-summer weather. Even if I’m tied up and preoccupied with that thing called life, I’ll never forget that it’s coming as a very special person, who also loves the ocean and these mild pre-fall days, has a birthday that heralds in this season of change. So today, I would like to wish a very happy day and a happy, healthy year to someone who inspires change in others and always brightens my days–Much love to my Mom.

I hope you all revel in these lovely weeks. They are short but sweet and come but once a year.



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2 responses to “September: the beach & a birthday

  1. Liz

    September is definitely the best time of year. I’m jealous of your extended beach weekend, it was great to see you on Sunday!

    Happy birthday to your mom!

  2. you are not going to believe this, but I just saw this. thanks for the colorful and delicious words and the gorgeous scenery and the tantilizing food pics. you have a gift. thanks for all the birthday fun ,forever treasured memories and the motivation to travel more:)))

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