A promise of things to come

It was a lovely weekend here in NYC. The days were sunny and warm and breezy. I wandered around the Union Square greenmarket bringing home a charming orange dahlia to cheer up my previously bereft and lonely flower pot

and some long awaited starter plants for my herb garden, aka the planter in my window.

I ate some delicious spiced duck and chicken thai basil dumplings from Rickshaw Dumplings as fuel for a fireplace-painting project that I have yet to fall in love with. Maybe it just needs a couple of days…

Sunday afternoon and evening was spent lounging in Hudson River Park waiting for the sunset and munching on chocolate raspberry rugalach and B.L.A.Ts (A is for avocado, yum!) procured from my second home, the Chelsea Market. We waited and waited and waited for that golden globe to descend behind the Jersey skyline and suddenly a wonderful thing happened…the sun finally set at 8:05 pm! 8:05 pm! The days are getting longer, my friends. And with the promise of summer evident on the horizon, I can’t help feeling giddy school-girl excitement for sandy skin and salty lips, breezy boat rides and the smell of fresh cut grass. I can’t wait for blooming heirloom tomatoes, sweet summer corn and what I am hoping will be an abundant, lush garden of herbs on my windowsill.

So while my lovely weekend did not produce any food from my kitchen, that little herb garden of thyme, rosemary and basil (with parsley and mint to come) promises you tomato basil towers, rosemary focaccia, blackberry basil lemonade, herbed aiolis and salads and much, much more. Stay tuned for summer!


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